i. music

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chapter 10

The bell on the bakery door jingles. Erica sticks her head out from the back and her face lights up, “Beckett!” “Hey Erica” I smile, I doubt she will won’t see past it. She wipes her floury hands on her apron, her blonde hair has a white stripe of flour in it. “How’s Quinn?” She […]

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chapter 9

I hate airports and their overpriced ham and cheese sandwiches and their uncomfortable waiting areas and that one family with Hawaiian shirts and too many sunburnt kids, like we get it, you went on vacation, some of us just want to sit here in silence regretting our life choices and wishing Quinn wasn’t on an […]

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chapter 5

“Where did you go?” Quinn asks, voice soft with sleep “Couldn’t sleep” “Did you see Julia?” “Yeah, I talked to her and Olivia for a while before we all left. They went out to Waffle House I think”     “Did I forget to tell you? I’m actually in love with Elvis, but he was […]

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