i. music

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chapter 10

I wake up two hours later feeling only slightly better than before, which isn’t saying much. I fall asleep again against Quinn’s shoulder on the way to the airport and have to be reminded to let go of his arm so we can walk through the metal detector one at a time. I buy Quinn […]

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chapter 9

I hate airports and their overpriced ham and cheese sandwiches and their uncomfortable waiting areas and that one family with Hawaiian shirts and too many sunburnt kids, like we get it, you went on vacation, some of us just want to sit here in silence regretting our life choices and wishing Quinn wasn’t on an […]

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chapter 8

I want to paint my walls white. Or maybe my finger nails. I wonder what my life would be like if I just said ‘yes’ to every haphazard idea that sprung into my brain unannounced. I imagine I would have a  fish tank, a tiny apartment with no furniture other than a huge green velvet […]

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chapter 7

She puts on a little orange polka-dotted dress with thin straps, bright red lipstick and turquois eyeshadow, pulls her blue hair back into two braids, and walks herself to the party. It’s loud Rosa is already at the party and Leah is across the hall curling Julia’s hair.   chapter 8

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chapter 6

The ceiling looks like it always did. Except, now I am not a five-year-old with knobby knees and oversized blue eyes.   chapter 7

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chapter 5

I sneak back through the appartement, kicking my shoes off at the door and hanging up my wet coat. “Where did you go?” Quinn asks, he is sitting in the kitchen with his laptop and a cup of coffee. “Couldn’t sleep” “Did you see Julia?” “Yeah, I talked to her and Olivia for a while […]

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